InternetOff version 2.0 released!
The new version InternetOff 2.0 is just released. It contains many new features added conforming to your requests and includes support of Windows 8. Download it right now or read more below.
Download Now!
Version: 2.3, Size: 1.9 MB
XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 32/64 bit
What's new?
Program settings are added
Password protection
The new version has option to set a password to protect access to the settings and to control internet. Note, you can disable the internet without the password, but you have to enter it to enable the internet.
Other options
Network adapters autodetection
The previous version disabled all network adapters even those that are are not connected to the internet. This caused big latency if you have more than one adapter and sometimes the system might become unstable.
Floating "Internet Left Time" bar
When you enable the internet for the period of time the program displays a small floating bar where it shows how much time left until your internet will be disabled. You can place it anywhere on your desktop also you can right click to this bar and change its opacity, size or hide it forever.
This bar is very useful to control the expiration of your internet time and get your internet releated work done in time.
Background mode to control the internet
Now the main program part is working in a background mode so even if you close a GUI part your internet will be still under control.
Windows 8 support
The previous version didn't work under Win 8, the current does it.
Update from Mar 9th, 2013
InternetOff version 2.1 released!
It's just a bug fix update, here we fixed two minor errors:
Update from Aug 9th, 2013
InternetOff version 2.2 released!
Here we fixed only one bug:
Update from Oct 7th, 2013
InternetOff version 2.3 released!
Here we fixed only one bug:
Download Now!
Version: 2.3, Size: 1.9 MB
XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 32/64 bit
Questions or suggestions?
If you have any questions, suggestions or bug-reports feel free to contact us at or leave a comment below.
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